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Do you have a Loft in Ewell that needs improvement?

Finesse Finish Lofts have seen many a loft neglected for many years simply used as a storage space for all those things you really should have cleared long ago. But we are delighted when we can turn these unloved Lofts in Ewell into a useful, additional part of your families home.

Losing your loft as a storage space completely can sometimes be a problem so at Finesse Finish Lofts we are always keen to incorporate as many clever storage solutions into the design of our lofts in Ewell as possible. There is often still plenty of room to be used into the eaves or around the construction of stairs that can add to a home’s storage capacity.

The size of your loft often depends on the size of your home, and it can sometimes depend on whether or not you are in a conservation area, and whether or not you can have a dormer or whether or not you want to try and incorporate a bathroom into your loft conversion or not. Loft in Ewell come in many shapes and sizes but it is always best to maximise the space available and we like to also engage the clever use of mirrors to maximise the sense of space in our loft conversion. Clever use of storage and mirrors can give a loft conversion that extra sense of space ensuring you will have no regrets about converting your loft from storage to living space.

Finesse Finish Lofts in Ewell take great pride in making sure the finish of our loft conversions are highly professional. Of course it is key that all the preparation and structural work is done to the highest of standards but it really can be the finishing touches, that really give a loft conversion that WOW factor as well as giving you the peace of mind that the craftsmanship and care you see on the surface permeates through your new loft.

Finesse Finish Lofts serve all areas of Ewell our approach is relaxed, just good honest advice, no pressure sales & great ideas for a fantastic new addition to your home.

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